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TVN Studios has been reinventing the web design industry to the benefit of the consumer. Our service is A+, and our products are top of the line. We strongly believe in good products with good prices.

TVN Studios

Web Design

We offer numerous packages depending on your individual needs. We don't specialize in any certain type of site. We can do it all. Our Web Design services are professional, personal, analytical, precise, and leave no room for doubt. There will NEVER be anything missed, and you will know exactly what is going on through each step of the process. If at any minute you have questions pertaining to your site, you will also have the personal phone number of your project manager whom you can reach at anytime. We're always available for our customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Every site is different, and depending on your industry, your SEO campaign will vary. We only practice white-hat organic SEO. Organic SEO is not where a prospective client pays for their site to be advertised at the top, nor is it a pay-per-click. The process is natural in nature-thus the results target the exact audience originally aimed for. Besides it is also the most natural and ethical way of attracting relevant traffic. Precise programming, content and design strategies further enhance the Search Engine Optimization or SEO process and your chance of being found higher up in search engine rankings. White Hat organic search optimization techniques achieve long-lasting high search engine visibility because the high search engine ranking is based upon creating a beneficial symbiotic relationship between the actual operation of a search engine algorithm and the relevant content of a website.


A good portion of any Webmaster's time is devoted to maintaining the website. Website maintenance includes updating content, fixing broken links and images and ensuring that the website's code is compatible with all browsers. If the website owner or graphic designer wants to make changes to the site, it's the Webmaster's job to implement those changes.

Webmasters constantly test their websites for load time, ease of use and functionality. Webmasters also check to make sure that any content in the website is easily understandable. Users address complaints about a website to the Webmaster, who will assess and solve the problem as quickly as possible.


This is our most interactive department within TVN Studios. Piecework is self-explanatory. Some people don't need an entire site built, or want a fully-ran SEO campaign. Maybe a client doesn't want a webmaster to help with the search indexing of their site over a 6 month period, but simply needs a coding fix in the site search function. The jobs are the most diverse reqeusts any part of TVN Studios ever receives.

This works out great for everyone. The process is simple.

1) Submit a message to our piecework department

2) Describe the job needed

3) List the price you're willing to pay

4) Receive a response within one business day.

That's piecework at TVN Studios.

And THAT always makes our customers smile.

Your Call

Your call is where you name the price. Have a Web Design or SEO package in mind? Let us know, name your price, and we'll make an agreement. What kind of web design company would turn down business? Not TVN Studios. There's no losing on this deal, and most of our business actually comes through the "Your Call" department!


We pride ourselves on being your one-stop-shop for the obvious reasons. We offer the entire package for your web existence within one beautiful company. Take a look around our site, and if you have questions-we have answers.

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